Terms of Service – The Boring Bits

By purchasing a session with Sally, you are agreeing and accepting to the terms & conditions.

Love, truth, respect, trust and healthy boundaries are at the core of Sally’s work. Every client receives a non-judgmental session that comes from a place of love and upmost respect.

Customer Agreements & Terms of Service
All readings and sessions must be paid for before booking your appointment.
If you are over 5 minutes late, don’t show or cancel with under 24hrs notice your session will not be able to take place and no refund can be given.
You will have Sally’s full attention during your reading, she needs yours too, so I cannot and will not read for you or do the session if you are driving, travelling or otherwise distracted.
Sally will only answer emails during working hours and NOT on weekends, or after hours.
Under no circumstances is it acceptable to contact Sally via her personal social media, its just not cool. If you do, you will most likely be sign posted to her website.

Sally’s readings and sessions are based on alignment and empowerment, if this is not the type of reading you desire, then please find another service. Sally has a collection of individuals and organisations that she will refer you too if she feels you would benefit more from their services.
You have free will. You are the architect of your life. Readings and sessions offer guidance and probability, your choices are your own. Sally Kent is not responsible for any actions or events that take place after your session.
Sally Kent does not encourage dependency. We need to give the universe time to work its magic. If she feels a ‘reliance’ on the readings is forming, she will acknowledge it and have the right to refuse further sessions.
Sally Kent reserves the right to refuse to read for anyone who is abusive, disrespectful or demanding.
You are not paying for a product, you are paying for a service, valuable time, knowledge, years of study and energy of all at Sally Kent HQ. Please respect this.
All sessions are given with 100% good faith and honest intent. Be aware that this info may not be what you want to hear.
By law I must state that readings are for ‘entertainment purposes only’
All at Sally Kent are good, but not GOD, so please try and ask realistic questions.
By purchasing a session with Sally, you are agreeing and accepting to the terms & conditions.

You must be over 18 to use Sally Kent’s services. When signing up, you agree : that you are 18 years of age or older – and that an advisors session are not meant to replace the services of a physician, psychiatrist, financial advisor, attorney or any other trained professional. All products and services are sold as curios only. Please do your own research regarding medical/health, mental health and legal issues. By law Sally cannot read about legal issues, health matters, financial matters, pregnancy or death. Your readings/sessions and information are kept strictly confidential (Unless requested by a court of law)


Cancellation Policy
Sally Kent requires 24 hours advance notice for any cancellations or re-scheduling. If you are unable to give more than 24 hours’ notice for a cancellation or rescheduling, you will be charged for 50% of the total cost of service(s) booked at that time. If she do not hear from you, and you miss your appointment, for any reason, you will be charged the full amount. Thank you for understanding.

Final Sale. No refunds. You are purchasing a service, of time. I will not be able to get this time back. .